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The pictures of past Weymouth Speed Weeks are from a number of people all of whom are great supporters of Weymouth Speed Week - sources include Tim Daish, Nick Povey, Helena Darvelid, Dave White, Andrew "Spotto" Fisher, Andy Stallman, Bob Spagnoletti, Pete Davis and unknown others responsible for some of the historical pictures. We thank them all.

Well WSW 2023 is finished for another year. Well done to all the competitors, organisers, race crew led by Karen Battye and our loyal sponsors for making it such a success again this year. The highlights were the new Motion GPS units - worked brilliantly and thanks to Mike George the results were out in the blink of an eye.
A new Wingfoil Harbour record was set at 30.88 knots by Emeric Mouret who won the pro wingfoil fleet. James Bulson won the Wingfoil Amateur fleet at 28.25kt and in 3rd place and fastest lady was 16 year old Anna Collenette at an amazing 26.20kt.
Old battles continued in the Kite fleet between Dave Williams and James Longmuir with Dave coming out on top with the fastest speed of the week at 40.06 knots but early in the week they were soundly beaten by Ellie Aldridge on her Olympic kite foil kit in the lighter winds and she was fastest lady of the week at 33.24kt. Fastest Kite freeride was Phil Horder at 32.37kt.
Fastest Windsurfer of the week and winner of the Pro fleet was Simon Pettifer at 38.35kt. Gold fleet winner was John Oliver at 33.28kt  and fastest amateur was Maciej Bukolt from Poland at a very respectable 30.85kt. Fastest newcomer was Chris Platt at 30.51kt and fastest lady was up and coming Lillia Yelland at 29.31kt.
WSW is also where the national titles for the UKWA speed champions and the BKSA kite speed champion are decided. This is based on rounds and uses 2 fastest runs each round. UKWA titles were won by Scotty Stallman and Lillia Yelland for the UKWA windsurf speed titles and Richard Hobson and Anna Collenette for the UKWA speed wingfoil title.
Dave Williams is the 2023 BKSA speed champion.
The DH Ward, award for innovation went to WSW veteran Simon Sanderson. The Portland Pot for the Spirit of WSW award went to Pete Davis for his 20 years of helping with the organisation of the event.
Some great action pictures can be found on our facebook page.

Put October 12th - 18th 2024 in your diary now.


All of the GPS logs, gates and map are now available on Google Drive.

You can load the Motion logs (.oao files) into GPSResults, GpsarPro, GPS Speedreader on Windows or Mac. You can also upload them directly to / / /
When using GPSResults you can load the relevant gate file after loading your track to obtain your official speeds down the course.


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