A number of people have asked how we set up the event location background image in Manfred Fuchs' GPS Results software. https://www.gps-speed.com/

The method we use is as follows:

1. You need to have installed Google Earth on your machine
2. Open GPSResults and open trackpoints of a ride in the area you want to have a background image for.
3. Now you have tracks on your right window.
4. Go to FILE then select Google Earth (TM) Overlay
5. Google Earth will open and zoom to your track.
6. Adjust the desired zoom, tilt, and position and then screen capture that landscape of your ride. Save that image as jpg file. Now turn off the tracks in Google Earth and re-capture the image (without changing the zoom or position). So that you have two image files.
7. Return to GPSResults and in the right window right click and choose LOAD BACKGROUND IMAGE > choose your saved jpg image with the tracks.
8. Adjust size of your GPSResults track to overlay exactly the same track of your imported jpg Google Earth image.
9. Save this once correct.
10. The final trick is to overwrite that background image with the image previously saved that doesn't have tracks.