Timing Equipment

Gone are the days of manual key entry of sail numbers and timing equipment measuring the time on course. Today, each competitor carries a GPS data logger. The introduction of GPS units has revolutionised the timing and accuracy of the event.

Results Generation Process

Results are generated daily when all of the competitors have returned their GPS units after the day's competition - See Footnote!. The data is then downloaded from each competitor's unit by the organisers.

The initial set of data, comprising the GPS data files from all competitors, is processed firstly by Manfred Fuchs’ GPSResults software.

For each course we have GPS data to define the course positions which together with course open/close times enable us to select all of the qualifying GPS runs. The software then calculates the speed, duration and direction of each valid 500m run - and there are frequently more than a 1000 runs in a day!

The GPSResults software we use is a professional version that includes event-specific customisation with course gate plotting and results generation features.

These individual runs, which are associated only with a specific GPS unit, are then combined with the data the competitors provided during registration by means of custom software developed by Mike George. The output of which provides the full results all sorted and categorised.

These results are published on the web.

Results are published in good faith and are based upon the data recorded by the GPS units and read and processed by the organisers' results processing software in combination with the course gates used and the competitor classifications provided to us.

Competitors are requested to check that their entry information is correct and advise us immediately if their or another competitor's information is incorrect.

Where run data is required to be excluded, new run data is required to be included or competitors have to be reclassified, then results will be reprocessed and republished.

It is vital for the smooth running of the results process that all GPS units are returned each day immediately after the competitor has finished sailing.