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Entry to Weymouth Speed Week 2022 has now closed.

This year we will be celebrating 50 years of Weymouth Speed Week and we expect a large and varied turnout with places being taken quickly. Entries close 25th September so that we can accurately place orders for event shirts, catering and allocated GT31s etc. If you haven't paid by the 25th we WILL NOT order you an event shirt.

Getting Ready for the next 50 years. We are really excited to announce that a lot of behind the scenes R&D has enabled us to announce that we will be trialling a new GPS device at this years event - the Motion Mini - read about it here: and watch the videos to learn more. and

Kite boarders please note: If you are considering taking part please note that the Kite Fleet will be split into two categories - effectively all those using standard production kit in one fleet and those using custom kit or deemed to be pro racers in the other! Hopefully this will encourage some new entries. The final fleet composition will be done at Weymouth but if possible please use the "Group" facility in the entry form and select in which category "Production" or "Custom/Pro" you rank yourself.

We will only be using GT31s. We have managed to obtain some more and will have 42 units available for hire - priority for these will be given to youth competitors and those who enter "All week". 2 Day entries - After the youth weekend, if not oversubscribed, we may be able to offer some two day entries. Availability will not been known until we have reviewed the situation. This will be after prize giving on Sunday. We will post a notice here Sunday evening giving further instruction.

This year's event starts on Saturday 15th October.

New this year is the introduction of a "Wing Board" category. But please note that if you wish to enter in more than one category it will be necessary to have more than one GT31, the entry cost will cover multiple entries but we will limit the rental of our GT31's to one per person. If you wish to enter in multiple categories, please make two accounts (you will need two email addresses) and complete a seperate entry form for each - but only pay once!

And a very big thank you to Mike George - K888 who has developed some very capable result "sorting and publishing" software which he has tested using all of the available archive data so we now have all the results going back to 1998  - when I first got involved in generating them - Mike's program will be used this year to publish the results using the output from GPSResults combined with the registration data.

Registration Guidance:
If you haven't already done so create an Account. Which you can do via "Take Part" > "Create an Account". Then log in, complete the Entry Form and Pay the entry and hire fees. Our bank details can be found on the "Take Part" page. For those who have an account simply log in and complete the Entry Form. If you cannot remember your account details such that the reminders don't work, or you no longer have your old email account just make a new account.

If you want to register several people then log out and make a separate account for each person, unfortunately this will require multiple email addresses.

We look forward to seeing you at Weymouth this year.

The email address for correspondence about taking part in the event is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Future Dates

For those wishing to plan ahead, we intend to hold Weymouth Speed Week starting on these dates and continuing for 7 days (Saturday to Friday).

2022 Saturday 15th October

2023 Saturday 7th October

The venue is the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Osprey Quay, Portland DT5 1SA

Weymouth Speed Week is run by a team of volunteers who come together each year to make the event happen. They aim to prepare the web site and set up the systems such that registration will open about 8 weeks before the event start date.

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